Sandbox Testing

This page shows the details of how to integrate to the CashFlows sandbox account.

Be aware that this may require familiarity with the basics of integrating with our hosts, detailed in our Integration Guide. This page does not intend to offer complete testing guidelines. For these please see the Testing Guide.

What is a Sandbox account?

A sandbox account is used to test basic integrations with our payment gateway. These accounts (one per currency) are publicly available on our test host and can be used without requesting access from Worldnet. They provide very basic functionality and no access to the back-end SelfCare System.

What can you test?

Sandbox accounts provide the ability to perform basic sales & refunds through our test host with any of the three integration methods, plus eDCC.

For testing 3DSecure transactions, pre-authorisations, completions, SecureCard functionality, subscriptions, unreferenced refunds, background validation or any other feature or currency, you must request a full test account by e-mailing

In order to test a Hosted Payment Page customization you need to obtain access to a full test account first.

Please note that 3D Secure cannot be tested and it works only with live environment and live credit cards.

Account Details


Gateway Currency Terminal ID Shared Secret
cashflows EUR 7001 sandboxEUR
cashflows GBP 7002 sandboxGBP
cashflows USD 7003 sandboxUSD
cashflows CAD 7004 sandboxCAD
cashflows SEK 7005 sandboxSEK
cashflows DKK 7006 sandboxDKK

Please note that if using the Hosted Payment Page or POST page in the live environment, you should always include the RECEIPTPAGEURL parameter, so that our host knows where to send the customer to after payment.

Test cards and responses

All test card numbers, expected responses and general testing information can be found in our Testing Guide document.

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