Users - Permissions

User Setup is available only to users with permission to access this feature. It allows merchants to maintain their own users.

Before you add a new user you need to give them the correct permissions by clicking on “More Settings

Sample Users Permissions window:

Allow Pay Pages – permission to modify Payment Page, if available

Allow Terminal Setup – permission to modify merchant terminals settings

Allow Refund – permission to perform Refunds

Allow Virtual Terminal – permission to use Virtual Terminal

Allow User Setup – permission to maintain merchant user accounts

Allow Open Batch – permission to access Open Batch tool

Allow Closed Batch – permission to access Closed Batch tool

Allow Bulk Payments - this function should be enabled only if there is a special agreement between the merchant and Worldnet

Allow Billing - permission to access Merchant monthly billings

Allow Pre-Auth – permission to authorize/complete pre-auth transactions. This field is available only when the merchant has at least one pre-auth enabled terminal

Allow Secure Tokens Storage – permission to manage stored card details

Allow Subscriptions – permission to manage subscriptions

Allow Dashboard – permission to access the dashboard

Allow Scheduled Report - permission to manage scheduled reports

Clicking on the ‘Add’ button will create the new merchant user account. Contents of each field will be validated before saving, a corresponding message will appear on the screen if any field is invalid. Clicking on the ‘Back’ button will bring you back to the User List page and the user account will not be created.

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