Pay Link

The Pay Link feature allows you to create a ‘Pay Now’ button that can be sent via email from the gateway or you can embed it into an email from your own address. When the customer clicks the ‘Pay Now’ button, they will be directed to a pre populated Payment Page to enter their card details and make the payment. Your Merchant account must have the Hosted Payment Page feature enabled in order to use Pay Link.

Your Pay Link email can display your company logo at the top and other information below in the footnotes. To add your logo or footnotes, please contact

Create Pay Link

To create a Pay Link, navigate to the Customers menu and select Pay Link, then select the New Pay Link button.


A Merchant Reference, Expiration Date and Total Amount are mandatory however you can also choose to add an Order ID, Description and any other Additional Information. If you do not enter an Order ID one will be automatically generated for you. At this point you can save the Pay Link and return later to edit the details.


Once you select Save, you will then be prompted to provide the Customer Details. You will need to provide the Email address and Name as well as a Customer Reference. A Phone number can also be added. Once the Customer Details are completed and saved they are stored so you can reuse them for additional Pay Links later. Once a customer has been assigned to your Pay Link it can no longer be edited.


Once saved you will be provided with an option to send the Pay Link to your customer. You can also choose to send the Pay Link later, or resend a Pay Link from the Actions menu on the Pay Link page %CreatePayLink4

Preview Pay Link

You can preview the Pay Link before sending it to your Customer. When viewing your list of Pay Links, select … on the right hand side to open the Actions menu and select Preview. You can also view the details of your Pay Link from the Actions menu, or by clicking on the Merchant Ref.

%PreviewPayLink %PreviewPay2

Cancel Pay Link

You can cancel a Pay Link at any time before it has been paid by selecting ‘Cancel’ from the actions menu.


View Transaction Attempts

After a transaction has been attempted for your Pay Link you can view these attempts by selecting Payment Attempts from the Actions menu. This option will only display if a transaction has been attempted and will show both approvals and declined attempts. Clicking on the Order ID will display the full transaction details.


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