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Bulk Payments

The Bulk Payments provides merchants with the ability to load a group os transactions at once for processing. This is especially useful in cases where a merchant does not register transaction by transaction and a big volume of those transactions are informed at once.

Sample Getting Started with VT window:

Sample Bulk Payments window:

Understanding the fields:

  • Batch Total: The total value of the transactions present in the CSV file.
  • Transaction Count: The quantity of transactions present in the CSV file.
  • Batch CSV File: The CSV file used to submit the transactions for processing

In this first part, the user only needs to inform the fields required above and click in SUBMIT. After that, the payment gateway is going to start the processing of the file.

When the file is submitted, if the batch total or the transaction count do not match the CSV file data, or if the file is not a CSV file, or even if the data informed for each transaction in the file is not consistent (wrong hashes for example), an error is generated and the payment gateway does not even starts to process the CSV file.

When the file is successfully submitted, the payment gateway processes the transactions and generate a response file, which is going to be presented on the table under the SUBMIT button.

  • Bulk Id: When the file is submitted correctly, a bulkid is generated for that file to define the set of transactions processed from the given file.
  • Transaction Count: quantity of transactions present in the file.
  • Bulk total: total value for the transactions within the file.
  • Date: The date of the submission.
  • Status (And Download Link): Status of the processing. When finalized, a status FINISHED appears, alongside a DOWNLOAD button to download the resulting CSV file which contains the processing details of each transaction.

Each time a bulk payment file is submitted, a new line on the results table is added.

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